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The Novak Guide to Installing Chevrolet & GM Engines into the Jeep TJ & LJ Wranglers. As the popularity of the Jeep TJ has raged forward, so have the requests to perform the most exciting and practical of all engine swaps to them: Chevrolet & GM power!

It’s a direct swap as long as you have all the donor parts from that T-56 but you will need the T-56 style flywheel over the auto that came stock on the 5.3L #617552 - 10/28/08 04:16 PM Re: LS series engine swap info for the 78-88 G-Bod [ Re: BRPhotrods ] Ls Transaxle Adapter GM > Operating System. Operating System Enhancements. HP Tuners offers a number of enhanced operating systems for various applications. Detailed descriptions of each follow. Jul 26, 2008 · I don't think the power is hugely different, however the newer LSx based engines (lq4, lq9) are extremely reliable. Its not uncommon to have a 454 need a ring or valve job after 100k or so. I have a lq4 with 80k on it, I've have it since it was almost new. I've towed many miles, mostly a gooseneck that weighs 4600 lb empty.

Our 5.3L ENGINES FIT MOST CHEVY, GM & CHEVROLET VEHICLES. We apply all the latest updates and upgrades to our 5.3L engines! Whether you’re in search of a re-manufactured, rebuilt, refurbished, reconditioned, recycled, or used 5.3L engine; Fraser Engines can help you get back on the road! the 383 was a zero mile engine got dropped into the car half ass and had valve train noise as all do with roller rockers and no adjustment.Its for sale,Has high flow angle plug aluminum heads that are ported Has a cam"I dont know what lift or brand"1.6 roller rockers and forged internals set at 9.5 compression.It was made to run with a procharger but like i said was half assed and in the end ... 1982 C10 5.3L Swap w/ Stage 3 Truck Cam This 1982 Chevrolet C10 Silverado came in with a very tired carbureted 305…in great need ... Sign up to get news, coupon codes, and special subscriber-only offers and information!

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Per Winstead, “ As far as the 6L80E, it’s a much larger transmission and will sometimes require some clearancing in musclecar applications.” In its favor is the fact that even with factory internals, it’s a pretty sturdy gearbox. “A stock 6L80E transmission with a proper tune can typically hold up to 750 horsepower,” says Winstead. ls1 ls2 ls3 ls6 lsx lq4 lq9 4.8 5.3 6.0 6.21/4" laser cut steel multi position engine mount adapter platesadjustable to fit the motor to your needsthese require 2.8 liter frame mounts, i have these if you need them email me or check out my other items!this kit will not work with gto oil pans or trailblazer ss oil pans. 16 hours ago · We offer LS and LT swap conversion harnesses for all LS / LT engines including LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSA, LS9, LQ4, LQ6, L99, Gen 5 V8, LT1, LT4, Vortec L83 L86 variants. The Airaid Universal Air Intake Kit enables you to easily fabricate an intake for your LS swap Building a Stroker Small-Block with LS-Like Reliability 1,000 HP From a ...

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Re: NNBS 4L60E to 6L80 swap questions Feb 04 2016, 1:42am I guess the days are long gone when 18 year old kids were swapping trannys in and out in an afternoon.

Hello E39 swapper, from a former (recovered) E39 swapper. I did an LQ4/T56 into an '01 540i Sport almost a decade ago. The smartest thing you have done yet is ditch the bare block. You'll spend as much time finding the parts for/building the motor, as you will performing the rest of the swap. We finish up our 408 LQ9 budget engine build by installing a Comp camshaft, hardware from Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and LS3 cylinder heads. This is whats needed for the 4l60e to 4l80e swap!

Feb 13, 2018 · Intro to the LQ4 and LQ9 Engines. Meet the weapon of choice for big boost. The LQ4 and LQ9 are Gen. III, 6.0L, iron block, truck engines. The LQ4 served in anything from bread-vans and boats to SUV’s between 1999 and ’07. It started off life like any normal truck engine. Iron heads, small cam and the old SBC crank rear flange thickness.

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  1. So its not really a cheap option for a swap with a married transfercase. And as mentioned you need a Gen IV 58x crank motor to work with the 6L80/90 trans. For your budget you looking at LQ4/4l80, yes you could get a better deal but that is ball park. But if you can find a Gen IV LY6/L96 6.0L it will have VVT which will help with low end torque.
  2. Sierra Silverado 1500 Escalade Engine 2002 2003 2004 2005 Lq9 6.0l 110k Miles . $1,899.00
  3. Ls3 Engine For Sale
  4. Hey need some help here. I an building a LQ4 truck motor with LS6 heads and intake. I had planned on using a 4L60 from a 2000 Savanna with a 4.3. I was recently told the old chevy trans wont work in an LS. I was going to change the torque converter anyway (stall suggestion appreciated) will it...
  5. Silver Sport Transmissions offers TREMEC T-5, TKO, TR-4050, Magnum, Magnum-F, and Magnum-XL 5 & 6-Speeds as well as A41 and A41X 4-Speed Automatic conversion kits for classic cars, trucks, street rods, 4WDs, and select imports.
  6. Nov 28, 2020 · Time to swap out your 6L80e for a 4L80e/4L70e/4L60e? Our plug and play harness makes quick work of the wiring required for the swap and includes an OEM GM Transmission Control Module with base programming already done! Retains all of the great OEM features & allows for tuning tuning with popular 3rd party tuning suites since it is a GM module.
  7. [ December 26, 2020 ] 1965 Mercedes 190 with BMW E30 Turbo Engine Swap ~ Classy Sleeper Rides & Roadkillers [ December 26, 2020 ] Hot Rod Engines 101 ~ Early Cadillac OHV V8 Engines Technical Info [ December 24, 2020 ] Testing the Craftsman Hand Tool Lifetime Warranty and Return Policy Hot Rod Lifestyle
  8. Hey, I've been looking around here, alot, for information on doing a V8 swap on a 2006 4x4 Crew Cab Colorado. My goal is to put in either a L76, LQ9, or LQ4 6.0L engine and a 4L80E transmission. From what I've gathered a 4L80 has a 32 spline output shaft and the 4L60 has a 23 spline output...
  9. I swapped it in, and HP tuners read it fine. I was able to change the settings on it and clone it with my old one. I assume this is because the ECM is storing the that sounds pretty complicated. I was trying to save $ by ordering a complete valve body for 6l80e online. I didn't know it had to be flashed but i'm...
  10. Sep 14, 2009 · I know the l31 harness is different but it shouldn't be too hard to modify mine using parts of the LQ4 harness. The 4L60E is a built FLT lvl4 and has survived 30K miles behind the Whippled l31, so it should be fine for a cammed LQ4 for now. When I boost the Lq4 I will go to a 4L80E.
  11. See full list on novak-adapt.com
  12. Turbo Headers Ls
  13. Now that you are getting ready to LS Swap your S10, wouldn't it be nice to have all of the tools ready at your disposal, and all of the components handy to This Paddle Shifter kit allows you to control your 6L80E/6L90E. The paddle shifter communicates wirelessly to a receiver module that interfaces the...
  14. Lsx mustang gt mustang cobra corvette ctsv trans am Camaro Gto JEEP, WRANGLER, LIMITED, SPORT, RUBICON, Ls1 ls7 ls4 lq4 lq9 vortec lsx 4.8 5.3 6.0 6.2 4l60e 4l65e 4l80e 6l80e turbo supercharger drag hotrod musclecar swap Corvette-GTO-Camaro-SS-Built-Boosted-LS2-LS3-LS1-LS7-ZO6-Viper-M3-M5-Lifted Lsx,ls,ls1,ls2,Chevelle,nova,Camaro,trans am,ls ...
  15. I need to swap out the TBI 350 in my 91 turdburban, apparently the knocking wasn't a cracked flexplate :homer:. 91 burban, 350, 700r4, np241, I'm trying to figure out the least retarded way to huck a 6.0 ls in it. I have an 04 lq4 dbw sitting here, p.o. cut the harness, but I have the pedal and computer. I know dbw wont work
  16. ATI has developed the Superplate line of Flexplates to keep up with rampant HP gains made each year. Superplates are manufactured from a material with a 90,000 lb. tensile and 80,000 lb. yield strength to withstand thousands of cycles.
  17. I've heard from our resident tranny guy that the 6L80e is not desirable because of the way it shifts. I'm not sure about the 6L60e tho. If you're trying to get the best MPG out of your swap, the T56 is the way to go or the Challenger TR6060. T56 from an LS1 F-body has the most desirable (IMO) final ratio of .50 . TR6060 is just a stronger 6 ...
  18. AMIC. A25L05PU/PT (64kB), A25L10PU/PT (128kB), A25L20PU/PT (256kB), A25L40PU/PT (512kB), A25L80PU/PT (1MB), A25L16PU/PT (2MB)
  19. Customer Gallery Please Click Here to visit our Customer Gallery on Facebook.. If you'd like to submit your picture to be part of our Customer Gallery, please send us an email to "[email protected]".
  20. Nov 27, 2017 · The second installment in the series of articles documenting the build of a 6.0L LQ4 engine. Close Ad. Cars. Featured Cars; New Car Reviews ... Used LQ4 iron 6.0L: N.A. Swap meet: $550.00: Holley ...
  21. Lsx Engine. We provide a variety of Lsx Engine for your vehicle needs. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Lsx Engine for your car or truck.
  22. 80lb injectors. going to run twin borg warner s251's 4l80e with a circle d 2600-2800 stall Right now I I'm in the middle of pulling the engine ahould have it out by saturday and start test fitting everything Has anybody else ran a 4l80 in a e46? I know I will have to massage trans tunnel but trying to get an idea...
  23. Jul 25, 2011 · This will be my first major project, pretty much re-doing the '76 C10 my dad gave to me for a graduation for college gift. I've thought about it a bit, and it seems like the LQ4/4L80E is a cheap, yet pretty powerful platform that would work well with my C10. However, I am wondering if there...
  24. LOL, he's referring to the newer 6L80E (six speed transmission), not the 4L80E. The 6L transmissions have the Techm (TCM/Valvebody) built into the transmission. The PCS stand-alone module for the 6L is the only one of its kind, and has very...
  25. Engine Swap Kits
  26. Oct 05, 2018 · The following is an engine swap workshop guide that was produced by Chris Petris (www.petrisenterprises.com) in cooperation with Corvette Central, with assistance from Jared Ochs of Current Performance (www.currentperformance.com), and Chris McDonald of www.mcspeed.com. Developed in conjunction with GM Performance, Corvette Enthusiast, TCI, Holley and Vette Brakes & Products.
  27. 6JE6C - 6LQ6 6K7 - VT86 6K7G - EF39, CV1941 6K8GT - CV1944 6L5G - 6C5G 6L6GC - 5881, KT66 6LJ6A - 6LH6A 6LX8 - LCF802 6N1P - ECC85. 6E8G, CV1347 ECH81 - 6AJ8 ECH83 - 6DS8 ECH84 - 6JX8 ECL80 - 6AB8 ECL805 - 6GV8, ECL85 ECL84 - 6DX8 ECL86 - 6GW8 EF183 - 6EH7...

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  1. The LQ4 piston is dished where as the LQ9 is a flat-top increasing compression to 10:1, and HP to 345 factory. The LQ9 is a limited production engine and VERY desirable as it is the HO 6.0L and comes with a premium price.
  2. Select Your Vehicle. Tell us what vehicle you drive so we can help you find exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Allows the installation of LS based engines into vehicles. No grinding necessary for a flush fit. The kit will make your engine swap just a bolt-on process. 210x110x10mm/8.27X4.33X0.39 Inch Compatible Engines: LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LSX LQ4 LQ9 / 4.8L 5.3L 6.0L 6.2L.
  4. Feb 13, 2015 · Hi everyone, I am a new member on here. I want to do a 4 door JK engine swap for a dedicated desert vehicle. Initially I wanted to do a Hemi conversion however after much discussion on the board - members warned me against over-heating issues with regards to desert temperatures/driving and steered me towards LS engine swap instead.
  5. Mar 11, 2019 · This swap kit is for the 1968-1974 Nova & Ventura II. It was designed around our GM LH8 oil pan using our Sure-Fit crossmember system. It bolts into existing holes in the subframe and was designed to give you the most options for front accessories drives.
  6. Oct 31, 2016 · I have the same problem my speedo acts as tach after engine swap lq4/4l80e - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.
  7. With my current 2003 5.3/4l60e swap going on 6+ years the transmission starting to slip, I decided instead of a rebuild, swap in something new. 2015 powertrain new. Cant beat 380 hp ish with E85 and 6 speeds of fun.
  8. WATRA31-18 4L70e to 4L80e Plug and Play Adapter. Put a 4L80E in your vehicle easily with this adapter harness (requires ECM tuning) Assembled in Wichita, Kansas with USA made OEM grade TXL wire
  9. Without a doubt, one of the most daunting tasks involved in an engine conversion is the wiring process. Luckily, if your project car is using an LS (or one of the engines supported by the Haltech Terminated Engine Harness range) this process is now relatively straight forward.
  10. Swapping from the 4L60E to the 4L80E is not difficult to do in vehicles that were equipped with both transmissions. Here are the main parts that you are going to need in order to make your own 4L60E to 4L80E swap kit. It's not the easiest swap to do, and a 4L60E can handle a lot of power on its own.
  11. Mar 20, 2012 · I retained the stock '86 fuel tank for my swap (and most customer swaps) for cost reasons alone. This requires using an inline fuel pump. I prefer to use the Walbro 255 along with 2 Russell -6AN adapters (670470). Here is the the part where the year of your fuel rail makes a difference.
  12. The 6L90 is a heavy-duty version of the 6L80 six-speed automatic, with a strengthened input gearset that has two additional pinion gears (six in total) and a strengthened output gearset that uses ...
  13. Find great 4L80E and tech information from Global Transmission Parts. We have the best part and the fastest shipping online! Contact our excellent customer service team if you have any questions!
  14. 6L80E 6-Speed Transmssion The 6L80E has a gear ratio spread of 4.03, 2.36, 1.53, 1.15, .85 and .67. At 500HP, the clutches in these units go out and at 700HP you WILL start hurting hard parts. ATI can build up your 6L80E transmission for up to 1000HP.
  15. 4l80e Swap in 99-07 GM Truck Part 3: wiring, tuning, plus a test drive. Last time, I made the necessary changes to bolt a 4L80e in place of the original 4L60 in this 2000 Silverado I call the UglyTruck. Ls swap box Chevy caprice on 26's Lq9 4l80e cammed.
  16. LQ4's are cheaper and easier to get. ... For cost and ease of the swap I would really think hard about the 5.3. ... 2015 Tahoe 2WD 5.3L 6L80E, 2008 Colorado work ...
  17. 20 hours ago · Fits these 4L80E & 4L85E equipped chevy, gmc, isuzu, & hummer models. I used a Orielly Torque converter, diesel 1700-1800 stall. im doing a motor swap for an lq4 engine and my eyes are bleeding from research and my brain are extremely tired. 4l60e to 4l80e swap kit silverado.
  18. Опубликовано: 2017-04-07 Продолжительность: 06:39 How to LS swap for under $1k. I'll keep posted on final costs but as I begin to sell the old parts this project should get pretty cheap. This channel- A21bravo My other channel - DaddyBravo.
  19. If you have the time, resources, and a solid LS engine to work with, I'd go for it. I'm currently gathering the parts to swap an L92 and 6L80E from a 2007 GMC Denali into my 91 FJ80 and am really looking forward to it. Pretty involved swap, but the end results seem to be well worth the effort.
  20. 4.8/5.3 4L80E Swap & General Information. 4L80E Differences: '91 -'96: They are all pretty much the same. They were also known to have a crappy connector that passes through the case. Most have had them updated by now, but there are still some that haven't and might need replacing.
  21. Prije godine. 6.2L engine and 6L80E transmission being removed from a 2007 Cadillac Escalade going into my 1972 Chevrolet Impala. I make a how to style video of removing the transmission. I'm swapping mine for a 4l80 so I don't show installing it NO ...

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